Responsible for the protection of your personal data.

Jade Tours SA, with address at CLL PUEBLA REG 77 MZA 42 LOT 11 EDIF 577 DEPT 302 77528 Cancun, Q. Roo Mexico, is responsible for the treatment of personal data collected from its customers in terms of the provisions of Article 3, section XIV of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (LFPDPPP).

Purposes of the treatment and type of personal data collected.

Personal data collected through physical formats in hotels, by telephone, or in electronic media (online), on our websites, will be used to maintain the relationship we maintain with the CLIENT, as a user of our services , in terms of what is indicated in this section. a) General information The general personal data collected as: name, address, telephone, signature, official identification in force, are used for the following essential purposes: i. Sale of tourist services: Hotels, Cruises, Tours ii. Transportation; iii. Register it in our systems and databases; iv. Identify him as client and guest; v. Comply with the applicable legal provisions; saw. Generate service sales notes; vii. Address your doubts, clarifications, modifications, claims, cancellations; viii. Confirm, verify, correct and update your personal information; ix. Carry out corporate collection procedures; x. Make Reservations; xi. Apply the electronic payment (tourism products and services) through credit card; xii. Contact him when necessary; xiii. Generate service coupons; xiv. Attention of requests on products, services and quotations. Additionally, they may also be used for non-essential purposes such as: a) Statistical purposes; b) Marketing purposes and c) Taking pictures. When your image is going to be used for advertising purposes, this situation will be notified to you by the company and your express consent will be required in a specific format, so that you can indicate if you accept the processing of your data (images), for these purposes. b) Financial and patrimonial data Personal financial and / or patrimonial data, such as the credit card number collected, are used to evaluate the benefits to which you are entitled as a customer of programs and promotions. Jade Tours. may request additional data considered as financial and / or patrimonial, in order to comply with the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin (LFPIORPI). Therefore, in compliance with the provisions of Article 8 of the LFPDPPP, you are informed that in order to collect and process your financial and patrimonial data, it is necessary to have your express consent, which will be required in a specific format at the time of writing. your collection, so that you can tell us if you accept or not the treatment of said data.

Transfer of Personal Data.

The personal data collected may be shared with Group companies to comply with the legal relationship between Jade Tours/ and the owner of the data. To carry out this transfer, it will not be necessary to have the consent of the owner of the data, in accordance with the provisions of article 37, section III of the LFPDPPP. On the other hand, we inform you that Jade Tours, transfers information with companies that have a legal relationship, for the sale of their tourist services under the figure of intermediary, so, to carry out this transfer will not be necessary to have the express consent of the owner of the data, in accordance with the provisions of article 37, section VII of the LFPDPPP. Except for the cases indicated above and unless any of the assumptions contained in article 37 of the LFPDPPP are updated, the data provided by customers will not be transmitted under any circumstances.

Options to limit the use and disclosure of data

In accordance with the provisions of article 16º section III of the LFPDPPP and article 111º of the Regulations of the LFPDPPP, if you wish to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data or it is no longer in your interest to continue receiving communications in relation to the purposes not essential detailed in this notice, you may at any time send an email to the address: [email protected] requesting to stop being contacted for such purposes.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and revocation of consent

As indicated in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, as of January 6, 2012, you may request Jade Tours, Access, rectification, cancellation (if this is legally valid) or oppose the use of personal data that have been provided, as well as revoke your consent. To exercise your rights you must follow the following procedure: Send an email to the address: [email protected] to request the application document for the exercise of ARCO rights, which must be completed, indicating your full name, as well as the legal relationship you have with 1)Jade Tours the type of right you wish to exercise, accurately identifying the data with respect to which you request access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, or those in which you decide to revoke your consent, attaching any of the official identification documents (INE Elector Credential, corresponding National Identification Card, Professional Identification Card, valid Passport or current migratory document), in order to prove their identity or the personality with which they make the request. 2) In the case of personal data whose holders are minors or incapable persons, this request must be formulated by the person that legally represents the rights of the minor or incapacitated person, either through the accreditation of parental authority or through a guardian or curator legally designated. 3) You must complete the application for the exercise of the ARCO rights and you may attach the documents that are relevant to your request. For requests for rectification it is necessary to indicate precisely what is the modification that must be done, attaching the documentation that justifies the origin of your request. 4) Applications for the exercise of ARCO rights must be submitted in hours and business days in accordance with the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure. 5) You must send your request to the email address indicated in number 1) and you will be sent an acknowledgment of receipt with the corresponding date of receipt. In the event that it does not comply with the legal requirements, within five business days following receipt, you will be required to correct your request within a period of ten working days, if not, it will be deemed not filed. 6) In the event that your request has been sent on Friday or on a non-working day, it may be received from the business day following the one that was sent. 7) Your request will be answered via email within a period of twenty business days counted from the date of acknowledgment of receipt. This period may be extended for an additional twenty business days when there are causes that justify it, this situation will be notified to the owner in accordance with the provisions of article 97 of the Regulations of the LFPDPPP. 8) In the event that your request is in accordance with the LFPDPPP and other regulations in force, access will be granted, your data will be rectified or canceled, your right of opposition will be effective or your consent will be revoked, within the fifteen business days following the date on which your request is answered. This period may be extended by fifteen additional business days when there are causes that justify it, this situation will be notified to the owner in accordance with the provisions of article 97 of the Regulations of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (RLFPDPPP) . 9) In all cases in which your request is appropriate, in terms of the provisions of articles 32, 33, 34 and 35 of the LFPDPPP, the delivery of personal data will be free through the email address that the The owner of the data indicated for such purposes, in case he requires that the information be delivered to him in a different manner, must only cover the justified shipping costs and / or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats that are generated.

Online Privacy Policy.

The information regarding the use of the Jade Tours portal is described below. When you access the portal www.jadetoursmx.com we register your Internet address (this address is usually temporary and is assigned by your Internet service provider at the time you connect), the type of operating system that you use and the type of browser software you use. Additionally we can track the parts of the portal you are visiting. The information that we obtain is used to help us create a better experience for the users of our Internet portal; All this process is done without us knowing your name or any other information that allows us to identify it. While you visit the Jade Tours portal, you do so anonymously, unless you expressly decide to identify yourself with us. Jade Tours does not require that you provide us with personal data to use the Internet portal, unless this is necessary to prove your quality as a client, which will be explained to you expressly. Some applications may require you to reveal some personal information, such as in our contact forms, all with the purpose of giving attention to your comments, requests, questions or suggestions, and contacting you if necessary. Within the contact forms you will not be required to provide financial, patrimonial and / or sensitive data, so their disclosure is their responsibility, notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that you voluntarily provide us with information about any of the these categories, Jade Tours ensures the strictest confidentiality in its handling. Jade Tours, may use the information you provided to offer other products and services marketed by group companies. Cookies: The cookie is a brief information that the Internet portal sends to your computer, which is stored on your hard drive. The next time you access our website, we may use the information stored in the cookie to facilitate your use of our website. For example, we can use your cookie to store a password so you do not have to enter it again each time you move to a different section of our website. A cookie does not allow us to know your personal identity unless you expressly choose to provide it to us. Most cookies expire after a certain period of time, or they may be deleted by you at the time you want. Also, you can have your browser notify you when you receive a cookie so that you can accept or reject them. Social Networks The information that our visitors publish or send via "Inbox" voluntarily or spontaneously, through our social networks, is subject to the terms and conditions determined by the service provider of the Social Network in question . Jade Tours is committed to the information that you provide through our social networks, will only be used to meet your requests and respond to your questions or comments, get in touch with you when requested and generate statistics on the use of the site or social network. In the case of people requesting reports about our products, packages and services, your data will be used to provide personalized attention and / or be channeled to our Customer Service Center, who will follow up your request by phone or email.

To whom can you present your complaints about the improper treatment of your Personal Data?

If you believe that your right to protection of personal data has been damaged by any conduct, action or response to your requests, presumes that in the processing of your personal data there is a violation of the provisions of the LFPDPPP, you may file a complaint or corresponding report to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), for more information visit www.inai.org.mx.

More information- Privacy Office

If you have any questions about the content, interpretation or scope of our privacy notice, handling of your personal information and how to express your privacy preferences, you can contact our Privacy Office at the email address: [email protected]

Changes in the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is effective as of January 1, 2012 and may be modified at the discretion of the responsible in terms of the applicable regulations, any changes to it will be communicated by the person responsible on our website.