Cenotes: 3 things you have to know about them
Cenotes: 3 things you have to know about them

Cenotes: 3 things you have to know about them

Cenotes are full of magic, mystery and adventure. Discover why everyone who visits them is amazed

Cenotes are one of the great wonders that Yucatan Peninsula offers us. Full of charm, they have attracted thousands of visitors and researchers who seek to admire its beauty, discover its secrets and, above all, swim in its crystal clear waters. Discover more about this natural wonder.

1. Its Origins

The word cenotes or Xenotes comes from the Maya dzonot which means hole with water or cavern with water and is an exclusive wonder of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is said that the cenotes formed millions of years ago, as a result of the impact of the meteorite that caused the extinction of dinosaurs and various species.

After a while of that impact, the caves that formed remained dry during the last ice age, which caused the fall of rain to form stalactites and stalagmites and the caves to “deepen”, creating what we now know as cenotes

2. Its Importance for Mayan People

There is a great relationship between the Mayan culture and the cenotes, being that they were the only source of fresh water in the middle of the jungle and therefore were considered sacred.

They also have a great relationship with their rituals, since some it has been found in some cenotes evidence that the Mayan people made human sacrifices. Experts have verified that most of the remains belonged to younger children and to adult males who had characteristic marks of rituals.

3. Types of Cenotes

Hay varios tipos de cenotes: abiertos, semi-abiertos y subterráneos o en gruta y su color puede variar desde un tono azul intenso hasta un verde esmeralda.

There are several types of cenotes: open, semi-open and underground or in grotto and its color can vary from an intense blue shade to an emerald green.

This classification is directly related to the age of the cenote, with mature cenotes being those that are completely open and the youngest ones that still have their dome intact.

Cenote Ik-kil Valladolid

Do you want to live the experience and discover the different types of cenotes?

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